Strength Training is a key element to a long life of balanced health. Whether your goal is to supplement your cardio with some strength, to increase/ maintain bone density through your later years or to increased muscle size and strength, it is hard to rebut the fact that lifting heavy loads is an important part of life.
Our strength session progress differently for everyone. So whether you are a rookie or advanced lifter there will always be something for you. 

Our Cardio / Conditioning / Functional Endurance sessions take inspiration from many facets of exercise. For Example, Interval training with an emphasis on heart rate might be you Monday. Tuesday let’s work on muscular endurance by adding wall ball, kettlebells and dumbbells thruster. Come Wednesday and you are onto a bodyweight only workout (Get the idea) 
Our workouts have have scaled levels and weight selections which change dependant of your ability. Those same workout are recordable and will repeat every 6 or 7 weeks so you can see how your fitness is changing. Our workouts can be hard but always worth their while. 
The Projects training sessions are designed for all levels of fitness. We cater to injuries and differences in ability. No matter what your capabilities, you will get a great workout.

Becoming a Member

Like what you see and keen to get started? 
We start things of with a one hour on-boarding on Wednesdays and Saturdays. At the moment we have a 30 day trial for $30 to get you back into training post pandemic.
After that if you are keen to continue our membership is $48 per week for as many sessions as you like.
Select from strength or cardio options each day to cater to your personal goals.
Any questions on the training schedule please contact Dan here
OrBook your on-boarding and trial here  – Click Me

Session Times

Monday – Friday
5am 6am 7am 8am – 5pm & 6pm

Midday Express 30 min sessions
Monday – Wednesday – Friday 12pm

Saturday Cardio
7am & 830am

We are unique in the fact that we run 2 sessions simealtaniustly each hour Monday to Friday.
This gives each member the opportunity to tailor their week for their goals / wants / needs. We pride ourselves on our unique approach. It is however a little harder to explain so I’d suggest getting in to try the place out.