Notice From Coach Dan

As we all know we are in some weird times at the moment. As a gym owner this is a big first and I’m doing everything I can to keep things clean and provide ways of maintaining cleanliness through workouts.

This Weeks sessions will involve more body weight movements as a means to minimise transfer. On Thursday there will be a Metcon Day were it will be up to you to set up your own workout from the Metcon wall. You can organise with others to do Metcons together for a bit of company.

More group runs for those who still want to train but less keen to be in the gym.
Monday and Thursday evening runs lead by me as well as Wednesday 6am run lead by Casey.

Looking to the future.
As we know there are a lot of things up in the air at to moment and if it is deemed that gyms need to close to prevent further spread then that will be the case. The contingency to this will be a home based workouts with borrowing of smaller pieces of equipment to aid your workout. Equipment will be checked out so don’t go grabbing it just yet.

The last thing any of us want is any kind of viral spread through the gym. I know many of us scoff at how the world has gone nuts, but, let’s do what we can and make sure we can keep training each day. I’ll do what I can to wipe down after the morning and evening sessions but there’s some stuff you’ll need to take care of.
– if you feel like you have any cold like symptoms stay home. Gyms have been classed low on the spectrum of potential spreaders as people are less likely to attend if feeling unwell.
– Bring a towel put it between you and your mat and use it to wipe your face instead of your hand.
– I can’t get hand sanitizer but when I do use it as you enter, otherwise use the hand soap.
– Wipe over equipment after use, this includes cardio equipment if you won’t be coming back to it. Kettlebells, dumbells etc
– fist bumps / knuckles or elbow taps, foot taps replace high fives.
– there is disinfectant at the gym use it to wipe over equipment that you’ve touched.

Thanks guys

Like what you see and keen to get started? We start things of with a one hour on-boarding on Saturday at 9am. The week that follows is your chance to test the place out. Book your on-boarding and trial here  –  Click Me

The Projects training sessions are designed for all levels of fitness. We cater to injuries and differences in ability. No matter what your capabilities, you will get a great workout.


Unlimited Membership

Unlimited Sessions for $50 a week
Choose Cardio or Strength training depending on your goals
27 times to choose from including Yin Yoga
All sessions open to guys and girls
Track your fitness changes as you go
Start any time and progress at your own pace.
Coach on hand for all sessions
Cardio and Functional sessions are challenging, recordable and progressive.
Strength training using the fundamental principle of progressive overload to get best results.
Yin Yoga every Sunday at 4:45 pm $10 for non members

Any questions on the training schedule please contact Dan here

AMRAP – enduro – circuit

  • AS MANY ROUNDS (OR REPS) AS POSSIBLE – Consists of 45mins of body weight cardio. This includes squats, lunges, push ups, dips, running and skipping etc..The program is often in different formats. You will be able to gauge your fitness level through tracking how far you progress through the AMRAP.
  • BOXING – dirty – circuit
    • turn the lights down so you can sweat it up. Get sweaty and get rid of some of the days stress with high intensity boxing combos, sprints, skips and ab work
  • FE / Functional Endurance – tag team – superset – 1000 – 3 min challenge
    • You a variety of full body exercises. You your body weight and equipment to get a full body work out. It will punish you to your limits and repay you in gratification.
    • Full body Strength sessions are on Mondays and Fridays and are a great way to get a bit of everything in
    • Wednesday and Thursday sessions give you the option of upper body, lower body or full body weight training. You can choose upper on Wednesday and lower on Thursday and spend more time on each exercise.
    • Taken from the popular obstacle course race, Spartan Team Challenge will have you working in pairs to complete rep counts and runs.