Nutrition – Be honest with yourself.

Nutrition – Be honest with yourself.

Nutrition comes with so many variables. It can often be hard to guide a group of people through nutrition as there are so many different tastes, intolerances, allergies, motivators (ie vegan) not to mention that even if 2 people have all the same variables the same nutritional plan may equate to completely different responses.

Over many chats with many people ( a lot of which will be reading this) I can tell you this. 
Be honest with yourself. More often than not, shortly into a convo about nutrition the phrase ” well I guess I could” cut down on, stop having, eat more of, stop drinking etc etc comes out. It wasn’t because of information I gave, it was simply because the topic was brought up.
So why not just be honest with yourself if you feel you are having too much or not enough of something, you probably are. Making changes in these areas, stick with those changes.

If you don’t know where to start give some thought to these.
Am I having 5 full cups worth of veggies a day?
Am I drinking 33ml per kg of water per day?
Is my portion of protein (beef, pork chicken) no bigger than a deck of cards?
Do I drink too many liquids that aren’t water?
Am I eating food that is overly processed? (not even close to its original state)
Do i consume too much sugar?
Do I consume too much dairy? (keep in mind the point of milk, it is designed to make a baby calf into a massive cow in a very short period of time)

Just a few to get you going

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