Important Notice for all looking to join The Project team.

Here at The Project our primary goal is to give you quality of service and attention to detail.
Late last year we paused membership intakes so as to work on giving all current members an equal level of quality and attention. We reopened membership intakes midway through January and already we are at the point where once again we will need to cap our membership numbers where they stand.
It is a bitter sweet moment when a place like The Project reaches the limitations of its walls. To have to tell those looking to make positive change that they have to wait is a hard thing to do. But to guarantee that those who train under The Project roof get the all the attention they deserve, we will not be taking new members for the foreseeable future.
If you would like to put your name down to wait for a spot to become available please email me.

Owner, Coach and Quality controller

 The Project Group Fitness
177 Stephens Street


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