Why Group Fitness is the best way to train.

Gyms are impersonal and Personal trainers are expensive. But you’re not sure how to get the results you want. You don’t know what a squat or a lunge is and advice on instagram is confusing (and shouldn’t be trusted) The Project Group Fitness program caters to your needs. Choose (with advice) the sessions that work best for your personal goals. With 2 sessions running at the same time each day you can choose a cardio workout or a strength / toning workout. If you still have the time and energy you can switch it up in the very next session.

At The Project, all individual sessions are recordable and progressive. Meaning you can see where all your hard work is going.
Strength training is designed around balance. Each session encompasses a full body workout to keep the muscles balanced and help align posture. Strength training isn’t circuit training, time and rest is required to get the most out of your workout, thats why we allocated 7-8 minutes per exercise so you have time to work and recover.
Your strength tracking journal will not only show you the gains you are making but supply you with progressive style changes. This means that no matter when you start you will be able to progress through your training correctly.

Cardio Workout come in many different forms. The session goes for 45 minutes.

  • Boxing
    • Uses a combination of Bags, pads, body weight, bikes and rowers to provide you with a full body workout. No gloves required but bring some wraps or inners.
  • AMRAPs (As Many Reps As Possible )
    • Utilise body-weight movements including box jumps, lunges, dips, skipping and running to keep your heart rate up and your body guessing.
  • Intervals
    • Are a mixture of high intensity work and rest. The intended outcome of the session will determine the exercises, the work load and the intensity. If intensity is to be high duration and recovery will be lessened. If lactic buffering is key then your recovery will be shorten to teach your body to process lactic acid faster.
  • Functional Endurace
    • Combines olympic lifting, power, bodyweight and cardio to achieve one of the hardest workout of the week. You really need to try this one to get the full experience.